Tweets from the Past

Slovenian Archaeology through Sounds, Symbols and First Written Words

13th October 2023 – 17th March 2024

The exhibition "Tweets from the Past. Slovenian Archeology. Sounds, Symbols and First Written Words" was launched on the initiative of the Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt as part of the events accompanying the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Guest of Honor Slovenia.

The aim of the exhibition is to present Slovenian archaeology through three specific object genres. First, archaeological objects associated with sound are on display. These are either musical instruments - from prehistoric flutes made of cave bear bones to ancient double flutes and medieval jew's harps - or rattles that were used in rituals or as children's toys.

The second group of objects are exhibits that bear symbols or have a symbolic meaning themselves. These can be prehistoric figures that are probably representations of deities unknown to us, small statues of ancient gods, objects with engraved astral symbols, figures in the form of animals, miniature objects, and picture supports with engraved figures that tell a story like a comic book.

The third genre of exhibits are archaeological objects bearing the oldest inscriptions from Slovenia. Among these are examples of Venetian writing from the early Iron Age on the fragment of a bronze situla and a silver plate, inscriptions with the names of local deities, an ancient miniature book and graffiti.


Slovenian Days

The Slovenian Days offer you exclusive lectures by Slovenian archaeologists. They come from the museums participating in "Tweets from the Past" and present their personal favourite pieces in the special exhibition during the breaks between the lectures. You can also expect lots of "Music from the Past".

Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 16:30-21 h 

Archaeological aerophotography and excavations of burial sites in Prekmurje

Dr. Branko Kerman and Samo Sankovič, Regional Museum Murska Sobota

“Celts” in Slovenia

Dr. Boštjan Laharnar, National Museum of Slovenija

The Advent of Writing in the South-Eastern Alpine Region

Assis. Prof. dr. Luka Repanšek, University of Ljubljana


Dr. Jure Krajšek, Regional Museum Celje


Dr. Bernarda Županek, City Museum of Ljubljana


Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 17-21 h

Archaeology of the Soča Valley

Mag. Miha Mlinar, Tolmin Museum

Prehistoric settlement of Most na Soči

Dr. Teja Gerbec, Regional Museum Goriški muzej

Prehistoric hilltop settlement Kaštelir

Dr. Maša Saccara and Špela Prunk, Regional Museum Koper

Carnium (Kranj) between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Dr. Veronika Pflaum, Gorenjska Museum


Monday, 11 March 2024, at 18: 30 h

Concert on the replica of the Neanderthal flute

Boštjan Gombač and Eduardo Raon, Ljubljana


Saturday, 16 March 2024, 17 h

Closing event of the exhibition

Dionysischer Aulos oder bacchische Tibia:
Ein Lecture-Recital zur antiken Doppelschalmei

Dr Olga Sutkowska (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna / State Institute for Music Research, Berlin) gives an illustrated lecture on the most important ancient wind instrument, the aulos or tibia, and plays it herself. Numerous iconographic examples as well as preserved archaeological finds of the auloi/tibiae provide us with a colourful and detailed picture of the construction technique of the instrument, its origins and contexts. Replicas of the auloi/tibiae are presented and played live.

Curator guided tour

Dr. Daša Pavlovič, National Museum of Sloevnia

Participation fee per Slovenian Day: 10 € / 5 €
Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Slovenian Days were organised by Dr Daša Pavlovič, National Museum of Slovenia.


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