Iran's Saltmen

The Cultural Heritage of the Museum of Salt Mummies in Zanjan
(in German only)


Mummy 4, Chehrabad, Zanjan. Fotos: DBM/RUB

Dr. Natascha Bagherpour Kashani, Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt, Custodian of the Department for the Ancient Orient and Classical Antiquity

Remains of mummified miners, who had been killed in a mining accident centuries ago, were discovered in the Iranian salt mine of Chehrabad. What was a catastrophe for them was a sensation for science. This year, a project under the aegis of the German Mining Museum in Bochum has been approved by the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Germany, which, taking the excavations as their starting point, will act to conserve and better exhibit the finds. The Archaeological Museum Frankfurt is also centrally involved in the project, as a further petitioner, along with the Romano-Germanic Central Museum (Mainz) and the Iranian partners. This lecture offers an overview of the exciting tasks and a glimpse into the co-operation between archaeology and the natural sciences.


13th December 2017, 6 p.m

An event by the Historisch-Archäologischen Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main e. V.


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