Life in a Roman town

Until 260 A.D., the Roman town of NIDA stood in the north of what is now Frankfurt. Thanks to the extensive excavations, we can envisage homes, a market place, a theatre, public baths, craftsmen's ateliers and sites of religious worship. Nowadays, the ancient town is built over; archaeological finds can be viewed in the museum.
A tour with work-groups on the theme of the military, the economy, everyday life and religion in Roman times.

Primary school, elementary school: Social Studies; High school, technical college, grammar school: History

With chisel and stylus . . .

. . . plume or finger: Handwriting and writing in ancient Roman times.
Whether in block capitals or handwriting, on stone, papyrus, parchment
or wax tablets: contracts, dedications on buildings gravestones and
funerary monuments deliver wide-ranging information about life in the
Roman town of NIDA.
The students will themselves try out writing.

Primary school: Social Studies, Art; High school, technical college, grammar school: History, Art, Latin