The Museum's Antiquities collection, whose roots lie in the collections of Frankfurt's early 19th century middle class, is dedicated entirely to minor artefacts from classical antiquity: containers made of ceramic, bronze and glass, terracotta statuettes, weapons and jewellery. With Greek ceramics of the motherland and of southern Italy from the Mycenaean to the Roman period forming the main focus. In parallel to the Greek vases, the corresponding, ceramics of the Italian peoples, above all the Etruscans, are displayed, whereby the close relationship between Greece and Italy and the strong Greek influence is continually made clear. Additionally, Roman artefacts are displayed, whose technique, form and decoration make their descent from Greek tradition recognisable. They build a bridge to Byzantine and Islamic art. Thus, the Antiquities Collection offers an overview of two millennia of cultural development in the Mediterranean region, summarised in its selection of small artefacts.